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IRR Manufacturing is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of continuous pyrolysis technology. Our environmentally friendly systems are designed to turn waste into valuable outputs.

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IRR Manufacturing

The focus of IRR is to produce and sell continuous pyrolysis systems and ancillary equipment, these systems are principally designed to process waste such as, end of life tyres, waste wood and waste polyolefin plastics into meaningful and valuable outputs.

This technology is truly revolutionary and is timely in its availability giving other businesses the opportunity to generate power whilst tackling waste issues across the globe.

Parent company

Part of the Carlton Forest Group

Carlton Forest Group who are a renowned third-party logistics business in the UK have acquired IRR manufacturing based in Pretoria, South Africa.

As part of our future growth and diversification strategy the acquisition will support our visionary plans to create a self-sustainable logistics park and carbon recovery project at our headquarters in Worksop, Nottinghamshire. We are determined to develop our sustainability credentials and the company has created a long-term investment plan to build a plant that offers an incredible energy efficient way to conduct our business operations.

The plant at Carlton Forest Group will utilise end of life tyres to produce fuel for power generation and a high grade carbon char, which after further processing will see the creation of recovered carbon black (rCB).

Carlton Forest Group is now proud to not only showcase its pioneering technology at its Worksop site but also create, design manufacture and install its products across the globe.

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