Pyrolysis Systems

We have been running our own full commercial pyrolysis system continuously from 2013.

IRR have over the past eight years developed a full commercial pyrolysis system, the system has been running continuously from 2013 at our manufacturing facility and has been fully optimised. This proof of concept system is now installed at our parent company site in Nottinghamshire in the United Kingdom and is now part of our carbon recovery and renewable energy project.

The design team at IRR Manufacturing have been involved in recycling for over twenty five years and have vast experience in waste processing systems. In designing this continuous tyre pyrolysis plant, the design team focused on the products from the plant and how these products could be further enhanced. Each plant that we manufacture can have a bespoke element, principally because each customer will have a different area of focus. They may want to produce pure power, some recovered carbon black, and some pyrolysis oil. In all cases we will advise and consult with our customers to enable them to get the full benefits from the plant. Through working with our customers and understanding their needs, aspirations and requirements we can offer primary technology and bespoke optional extra’s with various plant options.

The plants that we manufacture are designed in a modular layout and will operate continuously to process 1 tonne of end of life tyres per hour. The outputs from this system are shown in the diagram below.

Pyrolysis Diagram